The GUN.Painter is a compact painting system that was specially developed for testing line and repair paints. Due to the compact design, color charts can be produced in the smallest of spaces. Furthermore, with a GUN .Painter the functionality of pneumatic atomizers can be demonstrated. All common atomizer brands can be adapted by PREBAS, such as DeVilbiss, Graco etc. An innovative paint feed system reduces flushing losses and the use of materials to a minimum. In addition to the GUN.Painter, PREBAS also supplies the right paint booth or spray booth and the associated compact ventilation system. More information about the GUN.Painter, which we have further developed, can be found in the publication “Flexible with a modular concept (JOT 11.2013)”. The authors of the technical article are now working for PREBAS.
The animation shows the main functionalities of the GUN.Painter: the function of the motion axes and the actual paint application with one of the up to 3 different pneumatic atomizers. Depending on the customer’s requirements, different paint supply systems such as flow cup gun, volume dosing unit or gear pump can be provided.