Painting components

The perfect fluid flow is an essential part of a paint shop. Only proven, robust and high-quality valves are used in the painting systems from PREBAS. Below you will find a representative selection of these valves. Various distribution blocks are available for different connections to ensure that the fluids are distributed with minimal dead space. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these blocks.

Media Valve

Flexible in all installation situations

Burst protection cartridge

Prevent hose burst

Needle Valve

With large flow opening

Integrated Needle Valve

the compact design
In addition to the classic valves, PREBAS offers you a low dead space bursting cartridge. This passive component opens in the event of overpressure in the system and thus prevents hose bursts and defects in other components of the painting system due to overpressure. The bursting cartridge is suitable for all common paint materials, can be easily flushed due to its low dead space design and is also suitable for electrostatic application. The bursting cartridge can be retrofitted in all painting systems with simple means.
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