The BAS.Painter is a compact painting system, specially developed for the production of color charts. It can be used to simulate the finish of a production line with electrostatic high-speed rotary atomizers and pneumatic guns in the smallest of spaces. All common atomizer brands can be adapted by PREBAS, eg LacTec, Dürr, ABB, Sames, DeVilbiss, etc. The atomizers can be operated with water-based and solvent-based paints electrostatically with external charging or contact charging. transfer is possible.

For more information, see the data sheet.

The BAS.Painter is the logical further development of the LabPainter from LacTec. The authors of the following technical articles are now working for the company PREBAS:

Reproducible painting on a laboratory scale (IPCM 2013, German Translation)

Reproducible electrostatic painting on a laboratory scale (JOT 2.2015)

The animation shows the main functionalities of the BAS.Painter: the function of the motion axes, the installation of pneumatic and electrostatic atomizers, and the actual paint application. The control panel outside the paint booth, which is also included in the scope of delivery, is not shown.