The ROB.Painter can use a quick-change atomizer system to map complex application processes on three-dimensional objects close to the line with just one robot. The ROB.Painter can be equipped with electrostatic high-speed rotation atomizers and pneumatic guns via the automatic quick-change system. All common atomizer brands can be adapted by PREBAS, e.g. B. LacTec, Dürr, ABB, Sames, DeVilbiss, etc. The atomizers can be operated with water-based and solvent-based paints electrostatically with external charging or contact charging. The operation of 2K atomizers is also possible. Further information on the quick-change system can be found in the publication Fully automatic atomizer quick-change system (JOT 7.2013). The authors of the technical article are now working for PREBAS.
The animation shows the main functionalities of the ROB.Painter: the setup of the various components including movements in a paint booth, the automatic atomizer change and the paint application on components. The control panel outside the paint booth, which is also included in the scope of delivery, is not shown.